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MB Logistics offers a complete package of customs brokerage services through licensed customhouse brokers. Whether you are importing or exporting goods we will handle all the necessary customs procedures to ensure that all the shipments will arrive on time without any delays. 

Comprehensive Customs Services

We offer full service customs clearance through Automated Brokerage Interface (ABI) linked directly to the U.S. Customs to ensure prompt and accurate filing for all your import and export shipments. 

Document Handling for Import Shipments

Documents can be forwarded to us before the consignment  arrives in the United States. This will allow us to pre-clear your shipment in order to deliver your shipment without delay upon arrival in the United States.

Licensed Brokers

Our licensed brokers are available to help our customers' with the following:

     Direct consultation 

     Classification assistance

     Pre-classification approval

     Quota level 

     Countervailing or anti-dumping updates

     Binding rules

     Duty drawback analysis

     Compliance assessment

     Complete record keeping analysis

Customs Compliance 

Designed especially for all importers, we provide strategic compliance, planning assessment, and development programs.